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  • Licensed Psychologist, 1965
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor, 1968
  • Public Health Fellow, Suicide Prevention Center, L.A., CA, 1963-65
  • Psychological Intern, Morningside N.P. Hospital, Portland, OR, 1961-63
  • Trainee, Veterans Administration, Sepulveda, CA, 1960-61
  • Ph.D., University of Portland, 1965
  • M.S., California State University, Los Angeles, 1960
  • B.A., University of California, Los Angeles, 1958

From the mid 1960's until the early 1980's I served as a Los Angeles county deputy Coroner as part of my professional activities at the Los Angeles Suicide Prevention center.

In this capacity, either singly or as part of a medical legal team I performed more than 100 Psychological Autopsies.  In addition, while directing a federally funded substance abuse program for federal probationers I participated in scores of recission hearings.  Since the mid 1970's I have consulted, been deposed or testified in over 100 civil cases.  The primary focus of these cases has been on wrongful death and psychiatric/psychological malpractice where suicide has been an issue.

I have also served as an expert witness in 2 'priest abuse' cases in 2006-7 and 2011.

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